Bedtime Routine Tips
In the Night Garden has teamed up with Mandy Gurney, Founder of Millpond Children's Sleep Clinic to provide helpful tips on creating a bedtime routine to help get your child to sleep every night.
Establish a regular routine for your child’s bedtime preparations that begins about 30 to 40 minutes before your child goes to bed.  Carry out the same steps, in the same order every night.

Having a regular routine means your child’s body will start to prepare for sleep as soon as you start this process. Signal that the bedtime routine is about to start by watching a relaxing, calming show like In the Night Garden.

A warm, relaxing bath will help relax your child. 
Keep it quite short - no longer than 10 minutes.
But this should not be playtime as this could over stimulate your tired child.
Washing hands and cleaning teeth can be done in the bathroom before you all go straight into the bedroom.
Avoid going back into the living area, as you will lose the focus and magic of the routine.
Dim the lights in the bedroom ready for your return from the bath- this will help with the production of the sleep hormone melatonin.
Have all your little ones’ night clothes ready for your return from the bathroom so they can quickly get dressed and climb into bed.
Read one or two stories or sing a gentle lullaby.
Have a cuddle and kiss goodnight and tuck them in with their favourite soft toy so they are warm and cosy.
Now that they’re drowsy, leave the bedroom so that they learn to fall asleep independently. Your child should be asleep about 15 minutes later.
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