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About the Show

In the Night Garden is about a magical picture-book place that exists between waking and sleeping in a child’s imagination. Inhabited by a diverse community of loveable characters that care for each other unconditionally, such as Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka. 

As little ones are carried into a happy yet calming world of music and nursery rhymes, the programme can be used at home as part of your little one's bedtime or naptime routine. Try using it to sooth and relax them and help you get them snuggled into bed without any fuss. 

In the Night Garden has been shot in a real woodland setting in the UK. It makes use of innovations in live character costume technology and CG animation, weaving these together within a stunning natural setting to create a compelling and fully immersive experience for young children. It has been devised and produced by Teletubbies creators, Anne Wood and Andy Davenport.

Meet the Characters

Come and meet all your favourite In the Night Garden characters and watch some clips from the programme.


A blue character with a red patch of hair, holding a red blanket and standing in a green park with a cobble stone path in the background.

Upsy Daisy

A brown, female character in a colourful dress, standing in a park with a yellow bed behind her. She is smiling and has her arms spread open.

Makka Pakka

A beige character, with an oval shaped head, standing in front of a cave entrance.

The Tombliboos

Three characters, in colourful, polka dot costumes, standing beside each other in a green park.

The Pontipines

a family of ten little characters wearing red and blue coat and red hats

The Wottingers

Miniature characters, wearing the same blue uniforms, sitting on large rocks in front of a tall tree.

The Haahoos

giant colourful characters  with big eyes and smiles looking down on the rest of the characters in the forest

The Ninky Nonk

a train with a red and orange engine pulling a green and yellow car, a little house car, a big house car and a round caboose.

The Pinky Ponk

a small, green flying machine with spinning propellors and waving fins to help it float in the air

The Tittifers

Green, pink, blue and multicoloured birds sitting on tree branches surrounded by greenery.

The joy of In The Night Garden

In the Night Garden takes children on an imaginative journey. Igglepiggle and other Night Garden characters are real friends to some small children. Inspired by magical journeys in episodes, your little one may then live out their own adventure through imaginative play.

In the Night Garden works in partnership with child sleep specialists and early year’s educational practitioners, our aim is to help little ones grow.

Imaginative Play

An orange circle with a white speech bubble inside of it.

The stories introduce the children to a fantastical and magical In the Night Garden world and characters. As they discover, you may see your little one mimicking their favourite character or acting out their own adventure through play.


A red circle with white A, B, C letters inside of it.

It may sound like nonsense to us grown-ups but to a small child learning to speak, the strange repetitive and rhyming utterances of their favourite characters is fun and may encourage early language acquisition. The story is, told by a narrator using simple words spoken with the clear diction and offers wonderful balance.

Cause & Effect

A yellow circle with a exclamation mark in the middle

Discovering that each action has a reaction is one of the wonders of early childhood. In the Night Garden often in a very funny way, shows cause and effect narratives that will provide delight and joy to little ones.

Social & Emotional

A pink circle with a white heart in the middle.

Our In the Night Garden characters are friends that always help and support each other. They share and they think about each other, presenting a role model that children may emulate. For example, the sharing of a ball or the giving of a gift in recognition of friendship.

Sound & Movement

A turquoise circle with white musical notes.

Very young children are learning how to move their bodies and music is a fantastic way to inspire movement. In the Night Garden includes funny sounds as well as music to accompany movements on screen and you may see that you little one likes to join in and imitate their favourite characters movements themselves.


A purple circle with a white clock symbol inside of it.

Helping your little one to understand the pace and beats of their day is important to young children. The familiar world of In the Night Garden shows children their favourite In the Night Garden characters going to bed at the end of each episode, presenting a magical bedtime routine with a story, dance and sleep.

Where to Watch

You can watch In the Night Garden and its loveable residents on the CBeebies Channel, our brand new YouTube channel or by downloading your favourite episodes from iTunes or Amazon Instant Video.

Amazon Video

Amazon logo

Buy all your favourite episodes from Series 1 or 2 of In the Night Garden on Amazon Instant Video. There are 40 episodes to choose from and prices start at £1.89 for one episode.


Get it on iTunes logo

Buy In the Night Garden episodes from iTunes. There are five episodes to buy individually or you can purchase them all in the full first volume. Prices start at £1.89 for one episode.


YouTube logo

Watch a variety of clips and full episodes on the Official In the Night Garden You Tube channel. Subscribe to build your own playlists and receive notifications of new episodes.


CBeebies logo

Helping your little one to understand the pace and beats of their day is one of the most important things they can learn at this early age. The familiar world of In the Night Garden and the structure of each episode is designed to help children feel safe and secure with the routines and rhythms of their day.

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